West Hills STEM Academy strives to inspire a community of life-long learners who are equipped to explain, explore, engage, elaborate, and evaluate in a global community and to encourage the learners of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.

To meet this challenge, there have been several new and innovative activities happening at the school:

  • Teachers have spent the past two years visiting high-achieving STEM schools to learn more about innovative teaching and learning strategies to motivate students, raise achievement and make learning hands-on and fun.
  • They have worked with national trainers in the area of math, reading, and science.
  • They received the only STEM preschool grant awarded in the state to create lessons that will be replicated across Washington.
  • Students in grades 4 - 7 have the opportunity for monthly field experiences to connect and extend their learning.  Check out the field activities for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh grades.
  • West Hills is the first dedicated STEM elementary school in Washington state.  
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the enrichment after-school program We Do Lego Robotics.  
We can now call West Hills STEM Academy the West Hills STEAM Academy with the addition of Introduction to Graphic Arts, taught by Gregg Scott.  

In the sixth and seventh grades, students have the opportunity to participate in the "Project Lead the Way - Gateway to Engineering" program taught by Andrea Tee.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) provides rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education which engages students in activities, projects, and problem-based learning. Students create, design, build, discover, collaborate, and solve problems with applying what they learn in math and science.  This style of learning promotes critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and real-world problem solving skills in the students.  The PLTW curriculum is founded in the fundamental problem-solving and critical-thinking skills taught in traditional career and technical education (CTE), but at the same time integrates national academic and technical learning standards and STEM principles.  

Gateway to Technology (GTT)
 program features a project-based curriculum designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of middle school students.  They envision, design, and test their ideas with the same advanced modeling software used by companies like Lockheed Martin, Intel and Sprint.  They study mechanical and computer control systems; think robotics and animation.  Students also explore the importance of energy, including innovative ways to reduce, conserve, and produce it using solar, thermal and wind power.  The knowledge that students gain and the skills they build from GTT create a strong foundation for further STEM learning in high school and beyond.

For even more information, check out the PLTW website.

Seattle Children's Hospital Visits WH STEM


Ms. Hannah Meucci's seventh-grade class had a great "field trip"...in the parking lot!  The Seattle Children's Hospital mobile unit arrived on Monday to showcase the medical field.  Seattle Children's goal for the mobile unit is to help improve children's health through education.  Students were taught to take their own vitals and to evaulate patients in distress.  See the Kitsap Patriot article here.  

West Hills STEM Academy - Grant Finalist

West Hills is in the running for a $20,000 grant from Shell Oil Company to promote the school's science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum.  West Hills is one of 18 schools that qualified as regional finalists in the Shell Science Lab Challenge.  Teachers Andrea Tee and Hannah Meucci applied for the grant and principal Lisa Heaman said the money would be used in the new STEM wing of the school, set for construction this summer.  From the 18 regional finalists, 5 national finalists will be chosen, and from those, one grand prize winner will be selected.  See the Kitsap Sun article here.  


Gateway to Engineering

Career Cluster:  STEM

Grades:  6 & 7 

Foundation Units

  • Automation and Robotics 
  • Design and Modeling 
Specialization Units
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Flight and Space
  • Green Architecture
  • Magic of Electrons
  • Science of Technology


West Hills STEM Academy

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Hannah Meucci
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Andrea Tee
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Intro. to Graphic Design 
Gregg Scott
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Mobile Apps 4 Fun
Valerie Sandell
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  • Computer-Aided Design Software
  • Technology using Tools and Gears
  • Simple Computer Programming Language
  • Algebraic Thinking
  • Physics Concepts
  • Energy, Electricity, and Magnetism's Effects on Matter